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Can you clean bearings with acetone?

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How to Clean Skateboard Bearings: 15 Steps (with Pictures)Prepare a cleansing solution. Using a clean bucket or bowl, fill it with the acetone or a grease cleaning solvent. Mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol work well, are 

Cleaning bearings with acetone. Pros and cons? : NewSkatersSep 8, 2015 — As long as it's the 90% or above isopropyl alcohol, you'll be fine. I dunno what kind of things are added in acetone or if its pure alcohol. If you have brake cleaner/ How to Clean Bearings | Lush Longboards UKHow to Clean Bearings. Skate bearings generally last a long time and require little maintenance. If you ride them in the rain or through some puddles then it 

Cleaning a bearing with acetone. - Yo-Yo Mods andAug 2, 2019 — Anyway, i went online to see how to clean a bearing, and i came across (though you should be careful with acetone and ceramic bearings

Keep on cruising: How to clean skateboard bearings - CruisinJun 28, 2019 — Do not place the shields in acetone/solvent. Solvent will dry out and destroy the rubber/nylon compound of the shields that helps keep dirt outFix slow skateboard wheels – Scout Life magazineChances are you just have to clean and lubricate your bearings. Then soak your bearings in acetone, nail-polish remover or rubbing alcohol. Spin them dry and make sure all the dust and dirt are out. Now you've removed all the dirt as well as all the lubricant from your bearings

Cleaning Skateboard Bearings - YouTubeWashing the crud off skateboard bearings with acetone in a bowl. Not rocket surgery, but here's how ya do itHow to clean your bearings – Hopkin SkateWe recommend using a solvent. They are more dangerous to use (cool), but are a more superior solution to cleaning dirty bearings. The solvent we use is acetone

Bearing Maintenance - Support - Bones BearingsGumout® carburetor cleaner (found in auto parts stores); acetone (found in hardware stores). If you can't find any of these solvents like acetone or pure alcohol, How to Clean Skateboard Bearings with Household ItemsIsopropyl alcohol and acetone are two of the most effective organic solvents that you can use in cleaning the bearings. Cleaning Skateboard Bearings Using 

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